What's New in Beyond Software 6.4?

The latest version of Beyond Software has begun rolling out to customers. With this release comes a number of enhancements and feature additions, and we're excited to share a few of them with you.

Project Enhancements & Feature Additions

Print timesheets and expense reports

You can now print a timesheet from within the Beyond Software mobile app (available for iOS, Android, and supported web browsers).

print timesheet


Enter budget information by resource

Create revenue and expense budgets per resource. As labor and expenses are charged against the project or project-task combo, the budget will be reduced.

Use the Project Task Detail Console to review detailed information about projects such as how the project is performing against budget, billable amounts and billable margins, and percent complete.

Restrict employees from adding time to approved timesheet

When 'Lock Approved Timesheets' setting is configured, employees will not be allowed to enter additional time to an approved timesheet.

Additional approvals functionality added

The Approvals feature now allows time and expense entries to support multiple levels of approval (IE project managers approving at the first level, supervisors at level 2, etc.). The role assigned to a resource defines an approver's level of responsibility.

If an approver is out of office, they may delegate the approval privilege to another resource for a given date range.

Proxy users may be assigned permissions to enter time and expenses for other resources.

Approval Activity object is available in search, and can be added to dashboards. This allows approval activity to be tracked. Information available includes:

  • Entity type (time or expense)
  • Approval level
  • Who approved it
  • When it was approved
  • Added comments
  • and more

Financials Enhancements & Feature Additions

Define default payment methods

A Cash Transaction Type definition may be set as the default payment method, saving the AP clerk time when processing payments.

default payment


Customer ID field expanded

The Customer ID field in the Cash Processing screen has been expanded to 20 characters to match the field length in the Customers screen.

Missing Timesheet report

The Supervisor Name now displays on the Missing Timesheet report.

The Missing Timesheet report contains an option so the report will only show people that are assigned to the user running the report.

Mobile Enhancements & Feature Additions

In addition to the mobile enhancements mentioned above in the project section, there are a number of others.

Improved filtering and sorting

Define a "Last Month" filter in dashboard widgets to support querying on information from the prior month.

last month filter


Sort mobile time approvals and expense approvals by Team Leader to help manage the approval process.

sort team leader


Import custom data

Users can import their own custom data into Beyond Software and then search on and create dashboard widgets from that data.

That's Not All!

This isn't the complete list - just the highlights. Beyond Software customers: keep an eye out for an email from Beyond Software containing the full list of feature enhancements & additions.

Have questions? Get in touch with our support team.

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