What does success look like for a professional services organization?

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The answer to this question lies in your business strategy. Success is the attainment of one's goals. So what are your goals? Do you want to grow your business x% this year/ Do you aspire to maintain a workforce of x number of people? Do you aspire to be an international business? Do you expect 100% of your customers to be satisfied with the service you provide?

For many professional service organizations, success is defined by:

  • maintaining a high percentage of satisfied customers
  • maintaining a high percentage of return customers and repeat business
  • percentage of new business
  • producing a positive growth contribution margin
  • financial growth

What does success look like for your organization? Take a moment to write down your goals before continuing. Why? Because this series will leave you asking yourself the question; is Beyond Software part of your success story?

How does Beyond Software help build success for professional services organizations?

Beyond Software is equipped with the features and functionality that allow your professional services company to run your day-to-day business efficiently through mobile and web-based applications that allow employees to manage their work from any location; on any device. Unlike other software that requires one or more add-on solutions to capture time/expenses, and a separate integration required to meet the financial and reporting requirements, Beyond's smartphone and tablet mobility solution allows time and expenses to be captured where the work is performed.

Additionally, financial modules and the mix of traditional reports and consoles provide flexibility to meet your reporting needs. All of this is a part of the standard product. No need to look outside the core solution for additional functionality to run your business.


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