How Does Your Professional Services Organization Handle Different Billing Cycles?

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Multiple billing cycles: weekly, monthly, upon completion, upon acceptance:

Do you have customers who want to be billed on a weekly basis, others who want to be billed monthly and some who only want to be billed on project completion? Or perhaps, you’ve been asked to bill upon the completion of specific milestones. Often, customers determine at what interval a professional services firm will invoice them. The timing of billing usually coincides with the customer’s payment cycle. It is common for the work being performed to be part of a larger project that the customer has undertaken, and they need project costs periodically to roll up to ensure the larger project is on schedule and on budget.

How does Beyond Software make it easy to handle billing cycles?

Project Types can be defined to identify when a project should be billed; whether that is weekly, monthly, upon project completion/acceptance, or bill against a retainer. This allows easy identification of which projects are due to be billed when creating Project Invoices and avoids spending time on projects that are not ready for invoicing.


Tailor your billing cycles to your customers' needs.


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