10 Common Project Management Mistakes

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Being humans, all of us are prone to making errors. We learn by doing, and making mistakes and taking lessons from them is essentially what helps us grow.

However, not all errors are the same, and while some have an effect on the individual, but others can affect a larger group of people or tasks the individual or the group was responsible for overlooking.

If we come down to the context of project management, where an individual is responsible for managing an entire project, and all the teams involved in it. A single mistake can have lasting effects, and can not only result in delaying of timelines but even the whole project in some cases.

Now, even though every project is unique and brings along its own set of unique challenges and complexities that require customized approaches in tackling them. But, there are a few mistakes that are common to all projects, and which also tend to repeat quite often from one project to another.

We have tried to draw out those common mistakes, in this infographic, with the hopes that the project managers can take some heed, resulting in a reduction in the frequency of these mistakes.


#1 Wrong Fit To Helm The Project

A project needs to be helmed by a project manager with the right qualification and experience. A wrong fit will derail the project across its lifecycle.

#2 Wrong Start

Getting the start right is paramount to the success of a project. Project managers need to ensure that the project is initiated properly.

#3 Poor Communication

A project manager needs to communicate lucidly and frequently with team members. Lack of communication will lead to confusion and a lack of clarity on operational issues.

#4 Mismanaging Priorities

It is necessary to get the priorities rights. Without a set of priorities, it would not be possible to manage or micromanage tasks and their execution.

#5 Inability To Incorporate Changes In Scope Of Project

The scope of a project is likely to change midway with the inclusion of additional requirements or modifications. Project managers need to possess the ability to handle the dynamic changes in project scope.

#6 Avoiding Specialized Project Management Tools

Project management tools possess the power to assist and streamline control over the execution of the project, in addition to disseminating information.

#7 Miscalculation Of Budget

A wrong budget projection can seriously derail a project. It is necessary to get the projections right, while maintaining contingency to meet additional expenses due to change in scope.

#8 Getting The Timelines Wrong

Timelines are crucial aspects and project managers who get the timelines wrong will throw the schedules haywire. Care needs to be taken to get the timelines as close as possible.

#9 Improper Resource Management

Without the efforts of a team, projects will make no headway. It is necessary to have a cohesive unit in place and to manage the resources effectively for results.

#10 Tackling A Large Project Without Dividing It Into Manageable Proportions

A large project can appear overwhelming to all members of the team. It is necessary to divide a project into small manageable portions with little milestones for tackling it easier.

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